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Combatting the Summer Slump

By Nathaniel Stansbery

During the hot summer season, many daydream of a vacation or a distraction to get away from their work, be it a college intern, a full-time employee or a part-time employee. This slump can be brought on by high temperatures outside, a plethora of distractions and a desire to be constantly involved, all of which cause a need to drop whatever task is at hand. Listed below are a few tips to help combat the summer slump and to help you stay productive during the summer.

1. Staying Comfortable in Your Workplace

The heat of summer is one of the main reasons as to why many find it so hard to focus during this season. If it’s too hot, any inkling of productivity seems to disappear, which is what often happens to me. I always try to dress appropriately for work, as I always have an idea of what temperature it’s kept at. Right now, I’m a server, so, if allowed, I wear shorts and a t-shirt. Even though you want to dress for comfort, it is still important to know the dress code of your workplace. If need be, take a couple minutes to find a place to cool down, or run some cold water over your wrists.

2. Summer Tidying

Summer is a great time for tidying up, because, for me personally, it gives me more down time. I don’t have to juggle school, work, and extra curriculars. However, in not having all these things to do, it sometimes feels as if I’m in a slump. One thing I can always do to feel more productive is tidying up. I start by making my bed every morning and cleaning my room. From there, I normally clean the house when it needs. I often go through papers and other stuff I no longer need and recycle them. I also tend to get rid of clothes that I haven’t worn in months.

3. Physical and Mental Well-Being

Everyone knows exercise provides physical benefits for the body, but it can also improve one’s concentration, memory, and allow for faster learning. Physical well-being is so important, but you can also improve it by eating healthier and drinking more water, instead of solely exercising if you so choose. As for mental well-being, I try to read books when I can or read different articles, from things in the news to fashion advice. I read such a variety to keep up-to-date, which makes me feel more productive and connected.

4. Journaling

Another way to increase productivity is to look to the future. Writing down your goals can be extremely beneficial in the long and short term. A helpful tip is to keep a notebook around at all times to jot down ideas and goals as they come. After you see the outcome you want, it is then time to take action to meet those goals. I often also use journaling as a way to organize my thoughts, feelings, and actions throughout the day. This allows me to reflect on past events and also provides me something to look back on in the future.

5. No Guilt Over Personal Time

I know I always struggle in making time for myself. I always want to do everything others are doing, often at the expense of my well-being, seeing as how I drive myself to exhaustion with doing too much. I often struggle with taking personal time, going so far as to feel guilty about taking this time. I have slowly been learning that it is okay to say no to certain things and instead taking time to do a face mask, whiten my teeth, read a book, and to just relax and catch up on shows I’ve been watching. I have also been wrestling with the guilt of not participating as much as I feel I should. However, I know it is important to put my well-being first and taking the time to myself that I need, otherwise I’d just keep going until I crash. I know unlearning guilt for things like this can be difficult, but it is important to take steps towards this, because once you can spend time by yourself guilt-free, you start to learn more about yourself.

6. Furry Friends

Now, I know that having an animal is a huge responsibility. However, it also helps to keep you moving and having something to care for and to watch and keep safe. Getting an animal can be a great way to keep you moving and productive, as you want to make sure you have a clean space for your pets. Speaking from personal experience, pets have brought me out of a summer slump before. They gave me entertainment and something external to be responsible for, aside from being responsible for myself. It is also important to realize that animals can be used to distract oneself, so always keep that in mind. Even if you can’t have your own pet, going to the humane society to volunteer with animals is yet another way you can get those productivity juices flowing. It gets you out of the house, plus you get to meet new people and possibly have some new furry friends.

Falling victim to the summer slump is nothing to be ashamed of, as many people often feel the same way you do. From the tips above, you can increase your productivity, while also improving your mindset to make the most out of your summer all the while combatting the summer slump.

Blog post by Nathaniel Stansbery


Wang, M. (2016, July 21). How to Stay Productive During the Summer Slump.

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