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Kappa Alpha Zeta Constitution and By-Laws


Article I: Organization Name & Purpose

Section A: Name -The name of this organization shall be Kappa Alpha Zeta the Honors Journalism Strategic Communications and Marketing Fraternity.


Section B: Affiliation – Kappa Alpha Zeta is a subset of the Ohio University E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. All rules in the Ohio University Student Handbook should be upheld.


Section C: Purpose – The purpose of this organization shall be:


  1. To act as a bridge between the journalism strategic communications and business world.

  2. To provide a sufficient medium for opportunity and networking within a society of academically honorable students in the journalism strategic communications and marketing field of study.

  3. To learn and expand knowledge through wisdom of others while also giving back to the community through organized philanthropic events.

  4. To provide leadership and collaborative opportunities to learn more about journalism strategic communication and marketing through events, speakers, peers, and faculty. 


Article II: Membership and Dues


Section A: Membership- 

  1. Membership in this organization shall be open to all Ohio University students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed or disability aligning with all Ohio Universities discrimination rules and policies.

  2. Students must have a GPA above a 3.0 upon entry. 

  3. Prospective members will be required to go through a professional interview process in order to determine if they are a good fit and valuable asset for the organization.

  4. Members will be required to complete 20 hours of community service per academic year. 

  5. Members will be assigned a “big” or “little” (depending on stance in organization) to act as a mentor.

  6. Pledges will be required to complete a set of activities and events correlated with their pledge packets.

Section B: Dues-

  1. Dues shall be $50 per semester.

Article III: Officers


Section A: Officers- The officer positions shall be President, Vice President, Communications Strategist, Event Planner, Treasurer, Philanthropy Chair, Legal Executive, and Internal Communications


Section B: Eligibility- Officers must be interviewed by previous chair members and have a minimum GPA of a 3.2.


Section C: Election- Officers must be interviewed by previous officers.


Section D: Vacancy- If a vacancy opens temporarily for the position of the president, the vice president will take the position, and behind the VP, the treasurer will take the position.


Article IV: Duties of Officers


Section A: President- It shall be the duty of the president to:

  1. Meet regularly and lead officers

  2. Meet regularly with advisor

  3. Organize responsibilities of officers

  4. Lead organization meetings

  5. President may have authority to appoint any special committee’s and chair of committee.


Section B: Vice President- It shall be the duty of the vice president to:

  1. Preside in the absence of the president 

  2. Work closely with internal communications chairman


Section C: Treasurer- It shall be the duty of the treasurer to: 

  1. Receive all funds and dues and process request for payment, deposit slip, and officer signature forms.

  2. Keeps account of receipts and expenditures.

  3. Organizes funds raised for donation.

  4. Keeps track of money from fundraising.

Section D: Philanthropy Chair- It shall be the duty of the philanthropy chair to: 

  1. Communicate with non-profit organizations to develop relationships between the Kappa Alpha Zeta and the organizations

  2. Create and coordinate with the event planner to develop community service events

Section E: Legal Executive- It shall be the duty of the legal executive to:

  1. Revise and revisit the constitution.

  2. Make sure all members are aware of responsibilities.

Section F: Marketing Strategist-It shall be the duty of the Communications Strategist to:

  1. Promote and market activities and events of the organization.

  2. Create fliers and social media promotions and work with internal communications team to communicate to members.

  3. Use and manage social media content.

Section G: Internal Communications-It shall be the duty of the Internal communications officer to:

  1. Communicates updates, meeting times, events, and requirements to the organization members.

Section H: Event Planner-It shall be the duty of the event planner to:

  1. Organize and plan events 

Article V: Meetings

Section A: Chapter- Each week chapter meetings will be held.


Section B: Socials- Twice per semester there will be socials to attend for members only.


Section C: Formal-  Once per semester formal events will occur.


Section D: Speaker Events-There will be several journalism and strategic communications related speakers to further member’s knowledge and extend learning experience.

Article VI: Committees

Section A: Special Committees- The president shall have the authority to appoint any special committee when the time permits it and chair of committee.

Article VII: Advisor

Section A: Advisor Duties-

  1. To advise and mediate the officers.

  2. To attend meetings when available and offer suggestions.

Section B: Advisor qualifications and guidelines

  1. The advisor must be a member of Ohio University faculty, staff, or administration of Ohio University. 

Section C: Vacancy

  1. Should the advisor position become vacant, the existing officers shall vote to decide the next advisor.

Article VIII: Amendments

Section A: Changes

  1. This constitution shall only be amended by a 3/4ths vote of all organizational members at a regular or special meeting.

Section B: Notice of Change

  1. Provision of constitution for advance notice of amendment shall be established in multiple meetings, announcing the day of the vote.

  2. The president shall present the proposed change to the members.

  3. Members may challenge the amendment by proposing alternative solutions at the member forum held before the decision.

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