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About Us

Kappa Alpha Zeta was founded at Ohio University in 2018 by a group of like minded individuals hoping to provide opportunities for networking and professional building. 

Founding Fathers

Kappa Alpha Zeta was founded in 2018 at Ohio University by 7 students; Skylar Moore the president and founder, Nathaniel Stansbery the Vice President and Co-Founder, Hannah Dietz the Internal Communications head, Lauren Shiel as Public Relations Executive, Kailey Bevins the Treasurer, Carlee Shwartz as Social Media Executive, and Sadie Young the Event Planner.

Current Members

Skylar Moore, Nathaniel Stansbery, Hannah Dietz, Lauren Sheil, Sadie Young, Kailey Bevins, Carlee Swartz, Audrey Grone, Becca Moore, Charlotte Doran, Jaime Lankfort, Jena Catalano, Kara Thornton, Laura Evans, Leah Hammerstrom, Lily Schwab, Logan Barragan, Madeline Fink, Madison Foulkes, Mara Tennenbaum, Megan Abrahamsen, Mike Farber, Mollie Greenlee, Paige Kirby, Rachel Leya, Rachel Mark, Rylie Miller, Samantha Pauley, Emily Finnell, Gunnar Parks, Joey Kopp, Lindsey Rothermund, Maddy Latvanas, Matt Slogar, Miles Baker.


New members go through a pledging process for the first six weeks of the semester. They are required to complete a series of tasks from their Pledge Packet before the date of induction.

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