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Event Details:


         Kick for a KAZ is a charity kickball tournament that will take place on October 20that 11:00am on the Ohio University Softball Field. All teams must wear their team shirts stating their team/organization name. Teams will be randomly shuffled and are co-ed. Any Ohio University students are able and encouraged to create a team. 


         Each player must pay 10$ (minimum $80 per team) to play. This payment will cover the cost of the team member’s shirt, and the rest will benefit My Sister’s Place.


         This event has been co-hosted by Ohio University Softball.


Kickball Rules & Regulations: 


  1. Up to 10 players on the field. 

  2. Minimum of 8 players needed to form a team. 

  3. Co-ed teams are allowed.

  4. The same kicking order must be maintained throughout the game.

  5. Each game will be a quick 25 minutes, and 3 outs per inning. 

  6. No base coaches.

  7. Each team shall have one Captain and one Co-captain whom the refs will call on for disputes. 

  8. Balls much be pitched by hand.

  9. All kicks must be made by foot or leg (below hip level).

  10. 3 strike rule.

  11. 2 fouls = 1 out.

  12. All games are to be played in a sportsman-like manner. 




         To be eligible to play, teams must register prior to October 10th, 2019. Each player must make their payment of $10 to be eligible to play prior to October 10th. Each team must have a minimum of 8 players, and a maximum of 10 players. Teams may be Co-ed. Winning team wins a Kick for a KAZ trophy, a team picture featured on KAZ website, and ultimate kick-ball bragging rights. 


Up to four service hours are eligible for approval at the event.



         Admission to the event for non-players will be $5 at the gate. 


Come out and Kick for a KAZ. 




         Sponsors are able to reserve advertising/logo space on T-shirts, all fliers, social media posts, and any promotional materials. Sponsors are also granted free admission to the event, and eligibility to table at the event if desired. Any person/ company is eligible for sponsorship. Money will go towards covering any event fees and the rest will be donated to My Sister’s Place. Contact if interested.


What’s in it for you? 

  1. Months of exposure via social media, t-shirts, fliers, posters, videos, etc. 

  2. Positive PR for you/your company.

  3. Giving to a great local cause benefiting the Athens community. 

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